Protecting Children Online: The Future is Here

May 28, 202404 minute read

Protecting Children Online: The Future is Here

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Protecting Children Online: The Future is Here

In the past week, politicians across the EU, particularly in Denmark, have focused on how to protect children on social media against bad algorithms, bad actors, and getting access to social media too early. The Danish media has also been heavily involved in highlighting the abuse and scams prevalent on social media that exploit brands and familiar faces.

Politicians like Danish MP Mette Frederiksen and the Social Democratic Party launched a campaign yesterday as part of the EU election, emphasizing the urgent need to protect children from digital abuse from BigTech, and to prevent those below 13 or 15 from accessing social media platforms. The proposal also includes a ban on advertising towards children, meaning BigTech cannot show them ads. While some experts argue that such protective infrastructure does not exist, they are mistaken.

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Last year, we released AesirX Single Sign On, a revolutionary solution that can address these concerns effectively. One of its key features is integrating with MitID to create a secure ID and wallet on Concordium. By using this to set up your Shield of Privacy with AesirX, you can make an anonymization layer that ensures your online activities (or those of your children aged 13+) are protected.

How It Works

When users sign up for any website, e-commerce platform, app, or dApp, their MitID is indirectly used in a zero-knowledge proof to verify they are at least 13 years old. This process can also verify if someone is 18 or 21, depending on local laws, for online shopping, adult sites, gambling sites, and other age-restricted platforms. Additionally, it helps ensure that children do not receive targeted advertisements.

Practical Implementation

As an example, we have set up an AirDrop that requires indirect proof that participants are 18 years or older and do not reside in specific countries. Danish citizens aged 18 or older can visit to sign up for a Concordium ID+Wallet using their MitID. This allows them to complete the AirDrop process and experience the technology in action, showcasing how indirect zero-knowledge proofs lead to cross-border compliant security, based on Verified ID.

Easy Integration

AesirX Single Sign On is easy to install with just one click for WordPress and Joomla! This means that more than 50% of all websites, e-commerce solutions, apps, and dApps can quickly enable this technology. You can also connect your social media accounts and use the same Verified ID to post via the AesirX Creator Marketing Tool, enabling ID Verified Social Media Posting where all your readers can see that it's a genuine post, including on-chain verification.

Current and Future Expansion

Only the MitID for Denmark and the eID for Finland (FTN) are currently supported. However, in partnership with Concordium, AesirX is working to support more eIDs to ensure that everyone can access technology that protects children online. The EU has announced that the coming EU eID will be launched by 2026, and the US is also working towards digital ID at the federal level.

The Importance of Verified ID

Verified IDs help trace bad actors on social media or instant messaging. Through local legal processes, the eID of an individual can be "unlocked," allowing authorities to identify and take action against these individuals. This capability alone can have a significant preemptive effect on potential abusers. Using a Verified ID as a means of verification for the author of a content post on social media leads to fewer scams, fakes, and frauds. For instance, if Danish TV2 started using our Verified ID Social Media Posting Tool, users would be able to distinguish them from scammers. It would also mean that Meta could automatically prevent anyone from posting ads that infringe on another company's trademark, as the Verified ID process for all advertisers would block the majority of organized criminals working in this industry.

What Are You Waiting For?

The technology to protect children online is available today through AesirX Single Sign On. By leveraging secure, privacy-focused solutions, we can create safer online environments for our children and ensure that bad actors can be held accountable while enabling checks of both age and country, without disclosure of personal information, by using indirect zero-knowledge proofs linked to the national eID.

Every country on the planet is developing eIDs and Digital Wallets to help protect their citizens, but there is also a need to protect the eID itself. This is where AesirX Shield of Privacy plays a role as an anonymization layer that protects your wallet or your eID as the foreign ID websites and apps interact with, instead of your personal information.

Are you ready to make the internet more secure and authentic? Sign up for AesirX Shield of Privacy today and join a community dedicated to digital trust and privacy. It's time to turn the tide in how we interact online, and you can start right here.

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen // VikingTechGuy


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